Ravensdale Bridge Replacement

Ravensdale Bridge Replacement Public Information Meeting, Tuesday, October 29th at 7:30 PM, Meeting Documents




June 14, 2019 Ravensdale Bridge Replacement Update: The NYSDOT has sent the Village of Hastings-on-Hudson Additional Documents
The DOT has sent the Village additional documents to address concerns raised regarding the Ravensdale Bridge Replacement.  These include:
The Proposed construction drawings are NOT for construction and NOT final, but they are close to final.  A few highlights:
  • All meetings, drawings and other relevant documents to date can be found here: https://www.hastingsgov.org/ravensdalebridgereplacement
  • A temporary bridge is being erected to the south of the existing bridge, and this accounts for some of the tree removal.
  • Replanting will occur.  According to the NYSDOT:
    • “The intent is to restore areas where there will be tree removal to reflect the character of the adjacent Westchester County Parkland. An inventory of trees that need removal to accommodate the alignment of the new trail connection outlined some of the dominant plant species in this area.  [See "Mount Hope Trail Tree Replacement Schedule"]  We plan to re-establish these impacted areas with tree species that already exist in the area. Any adjacent forested areas that will be affected will also be re-established using the same mix of existing natural major trees and minor trees to soften the edges of the forest and maintain the existing character of the area."
  • There was a Complete Streets evaluation as part of the design process, and the DOT has shared that with us as well.  [See the "Complete Streets Checklist"]  The bridge is getting somewhat wider than it is currently to address some of the Complete Streets requirements, including wider sidewalks and shoulders.  The lanes are currently dimensioned at 11’-0”, down from the standard 12’-0”, separated from the 6’-0” shoulders by striping.  [See “Proposed Bridge Section”]
  • There is a shared paved bike path and walkway to the South County Trail, protected by a guardrail along Route 9A.
  • The DOT has graciously agreed to incorporate the downtown streetlights into the Bridge lighting to more appropriately mark it as a Village gateway.