Administration, Personnel & Programs

Administration and Personnel
A three-member Police Commission, appointed by the Board of Trustees, serves as a liaison between the department and the Board 

Departmental operations are under the command of the Police Chief. Other ranks in descending order include a lieutenant, four sergeants, two detectives, and thirteen patrolmen. A Youth Officer handles most juvenile cases. Six part-time school crossing guards, 2 part-time PEO's and 1 part-time meter repair person are also employed. Qualifications for becoming a policeman are established by the New York State Civil Service Commission. New appointees must also pass 720-hour basic training course. All Hastings Officers must reside in Westchester.

Equipment and Programs
The department is supported by a wide range of modern crime prevention and computer equipment, which includes a special "Red Phone" and ''Hot Line" linking it to the Westchester County Police and all other police departments. Other programs include the PAL Program and Neighborhood Watch.