Deer Issues

Deer Immunocontraception Project
Allison Coates, a student at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, is conducting a summer research project with Dr. Allen Rutberg, director of the Hastings Deer Immunocontraception Study and faculty member at the Cummings School. The goal of the study is to determine resident's perception of the use of immunocontraceptives as a wildlife population control method. Allison is looking for participants from Hastings-on-Hudson to take a brief survey. This survey will take 5-10 minutes, and one participant will be randomly selected to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Here is the survey link.
We are in the middle of the fourth year of the deer immunocontraception study. As of the end of this March, 69 does have been captured and immunized since 2014. Eight captured and immunized does have died due to hunting, collisions with cars and other accidents, leaving up to 61 immunized does in or near the Village, which is estimated to be around 70-80% of all does. In the early fall camera trapping will be used again to gather a deer census, and with so many tagged deer, it’s accuracy will be higher than in previous years. This summer, deer that were immunized in 2015 will be re-immunized. For re-immunizing, they are only darted and are not anesthetized, so it’s a quick process. We are asking residents to once again help us keep track of the deer this spring and summer. This is particularly important now that 45 does who were immunized before last fall’s mating season and are expected to be without fawns.  We need to verify that, and the best way is for residents to report tagged deer sightings on the Deer Tracking website. At this point we are only interested in sightings of tagged does and whether they are with fawns or not. Soon fawns will be coming out of hiding and will be traveling with their mothers, so we want to document their numbers as accurately as possible. The deer reporting website is here. You can easily set up your account and logon for reporting, which only takes a minute. 



Heat Map of Reported Deer Sightings

Sightings submitted electronically by Village resident volunteers as of 1/15/2014