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Deer Immunocontraception Project

Update on Deer Project:

We are in the middle of the fifth year of the deer immunocontraception study. As of the end of this March, 69 does have been captured and immunized since 2014. Nine captured and immunized does have died due to hunting, collisions with cars and other accidents, leaving up to 60 immunized does in or near the Village, which is estimated to be around 75% of all adult does. In the early fall of 2018 camera trapping will be used again to gather a deer census, and with so many tagged deer, it’s accuracy will be higher than in previous years. This summer, deer that were immunized in 2016 will be re-immunized. For re-immunizing, they are only darted and are not anesthetized, so it’s a quick process. We will be asking residents to once again help us keep track of the deer this summer. This is particularly important now that 60 does, who were immunized before last fall’s mating season, are expected to be mostly without fawns. The full report of the fourth year of the study is now available on the website through the link below.

  •  Presentation on Preliminary Observations And Lessons From The Implementation Of Immunocontraception In A Dense Suburban Free-Range Environment.

    Mayor Swiderski and Trustee Lemons presented the current status of the Hastings Deer Project at the Urban Deer Fertility Control Workshop on May 2, 2018, that was sponsored by the Botstiber Institute for Wildlife Fertility Control. The agenda for the meeting is here.  The list and the videos of presentations at the meeting can be found here:  “AN URBAN DEER FERTILITY CONTROL WORKSHOP, May 2, 2018




Heat Map of Reported Deer Sightings

Sightings submitted electronically by Village resident volunteers as of 1/15/2014