In 1997, supported by home sales and census data, the Village Board of Trustees acknowledged that housing in the Village was becoming too expensive for many of modest means with the following results.
  • In response, the Village Board has since adopted legislation to help increase affordability in a variety of ways:
  • Encouraging accessory apartments
  • Enabling the Village Planning Board to give density bonuses and/or other modifications for affordable projects
  • Ensuring that any affordable unite remain affordable for the foreseeable future by:
    • Providing for 99-year affordability restrictions
    • A 2013 Local Law requiring:
    • Any development of 8 or more units to include 15% of units as fair and affordable
    • "Workforce Units," which can be 1/3 of the required 15% of fair and affordable units. The workforce units are not subsidized by any government agency and are intended for incomes higher than the affordable limits up to 125% of median household income in Westchester County.
    • Widespread marking to ensure maximum diversity