About Us

WHoH-TV, ch. 75 on Cablevison and ch. 43 on FiOS, is the Village of Hastings-on-Hudsons Government Access Channel. The Village signed the Cable franchise agreement with TCI Cable Company (now Cablevision) in 1995. Under the franchise agreement the Village was entitled to create a channel for governmental use that the cable company would fund. Former Village Manger Neil P. Hess saw the great potential benefit of the TV Station to the public and quickly notified TCI of interest in creating the station.

By February of 1996 the basic equipment needed to send a fiber optic TV signal from the Municipal Building at 7 Maple Avenue in Hastings to TCIs Headquarters in Mamaroneck was installed by TCI. Village Manger Hess then instructed the Villages Technology Director, Rafael Zaratzian, to research and purchase the rest of the needed equipment to allow the TV Station to become operational. In March of 1996 the computerized information scroll and automated VCR controller were in operation and by April of 1996 WHoH-TV was running regular programming.

For over fifteen years WHoH-TV has grown in programming to include Board of Trustees Meetings, Planning and Zoning Board Meetings, as well as most village sponsored events and live Village election results. With the switch from using analog to digital video, in September of 2005, Cable Access Director, Jen Corso, joined the station and currently films and edits most of the programs shown on WHoH-TV.  In the Summer of 2007, WHoH-TV moved its location from the Municipal Building to the renovated James V. Harmon Community Center at 44 Main Street in the heart of the Village.  In 2010, the Hastings School District ch.77 on Cablevison and ch. 27 on FiOS, was created providing Board of Education Meetings and other Hastings School District events (Provided by School District under the direction of Patrick Theodule). 

WHoH-TV and the Technology Department continues to grow and experiment with a new TV Studio and technologies such as cameras on the roof in the morning providing both views of the Palisades and emergency information such as school closing delays, snow emergency, and other emergency information.  Please stay tuned to WHoH-TV for all your Village information.