Climate Action Plan

Starting in 2021, the Hastings-on-Hudson Climate Smart Communities Task Force began the process of drafting a Climate Action Plan (CAP) that will outline the key actions our municipality and residents can take to mitigate and adapt to changing climate conditions in our Village. The goal is to identify a set of agreed goals, targets, and initiatives that will help our community reduce emissions and address climate change locally. The Committee will engage with Village staff, other Village Boards and Commissions, and members of the public in crafting the plan.

CAP Workshop: As part of the effort to engage the community, the Village sponsored a workshop on April 20, 2022 to seek input from residents about the climate actions Hastings-on-Hudson might include in the CAP. Four key focus areas were identified to help shape the conversation:

  • Transportation & Land Use
  • Buildings & Energy
  • Waste & Water
  • Adaptation & Resiliency

At the outset of the workshop the CSC TF explained the purpose of a CAP, its benefits, and outlined what has already been done in Hastings-on-Hudson in each of the four focus areas. The introductory presentation was followed small group sessions where participants were invited to brainstorm about new actions in each of the key topics areas.

Links to material about the workshop can be found below:

If you're interested in learning more about the work being done in the Village on climate change, please email