Accessory Apartment/Dwelling Unit (ADU) Primer

Accessory Apartments/ Accessory Dwelling Units
ADUsAn accessory apartment/ADU is a smaller, secondary home on the same lot as the primary dwelling. ADUs are independently habitable, at least outfitted with the housing basics: heating, cooking, and sanitation. ADUs can be attached to the primary dwelling or detached.
Why ADUs Are Needed
Since not a lot of new construction is being built, we need to tap into the existing pool of housing which is why the Village of Hastings-on-Hudson has passed a law to help the owners of the house to either stay in their homes, or in the ADU while renting the main house or renting the ADU. Increased supply also means lowering the cost of housing.
ADUs: an Important Resource
  • ADUs create additional housing stock, potentially at affordable price points
  • ADUs create additional rental housing
  • ADUs provide rental income to homeowners, allowing homeowners to manage increasing housing costs

Who Should Consider Adding an ADU?

  • Those seeking affordability by adding rental income, such as seniors who want to continue living in the Village, but are on a fixed income
  • Residents interested in creating more housing choices and opportunities in the Village
  • Empty nesters, as an alternative to "downsizing"
  • The homeowner can move into the ADU, but rent the main dwelling

An ADU may increase the value of your property, but could also modify your property taxes. Please contact your financial advisor.

For Hastings-on-Hudson specific information, visit the ZONING CODE

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