Community Campaigns

During Earth Month 2021, as part of the Clean Energy Communities (CEC) program, the Village of Hastings-on-Hudson has launched four CEC Community Campaigns: GridRewards™, Community Solar, Electric Vehicles, and Clean Heating and Cooling. See below for more information about how each of the campaigns works, as well as information on the benefits of the programs and how you can participate.
The Mayors of Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry, Hastings-on-Hudson, and Irvington have partnered with Sustainable Westchester, Logical Buildings, and Con Edison to bring you the GridRewards program. It is an easy energy action that lowers your carbon footprint, saves you money & EARNS you cash!  GridRewards is an app that sends you a text message on peak energy usage days alerting you to reduce usage. You’ll probably get between 5 and 10 texts a summer. All you need to do is lower your usage on those days - if you do, you’ll get a check from Con Edison for helping to reduce the load on the grid when it is most under strain. There is no cost to participate (the app is free), there is no contract agreement, you just need to be a Con Edison customer (renters and businesses qualify) and you need to sign up by April 30th There is no penalty for not taking action, you simply won't get rewarded come September. The Mayors are challenging one another to see how many people sign up in each community by April 30th – so let’s make sure Hastings wins!
See HERE for general information about the program, HERE for an FAQ, and HERE for a tutorial on how to sign up.  The launch event with all four Mayors took place on Monday, April 5th (see HERE) and featured an explanation of the value and mechanics of the program, with a guided tour on how to sign up. There will be a follow-up zoom GridRewards™ and Community Solar, April 22, 7-8 pm to help troubleshoot any issues people have and help anyone who missed the webinar sign up (have your Con Edison online account password and your Con Edison account number handy)
2. Community Solar
Community Solar makes renewable energy savings available for everyone. It enables you to support a community solar farm through your utility bill and save money at the same time! As is the case with Grid Rewards, almost everyone is eligible to participate including business owners and renters, you just need a Con Edison account. You will be able to sign up to support solar farms constructed nearby in New York State, and for doing that will get 10% off your electricity bills. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes, there is no cost to join or to cancel. We are even looking into signing up our municipal accounts. In fact, the only real caveat is that you can't participate if you've installed solar! 
See HERE for more information about the program and for a short video on how to sign up, and click HERE if you want to sign up right now!  Alternatively, you can join us to learn more about GridRewards™ and Community Solar, April 22, 7-8 pm where we will explain the program and take you through the sign-up process (have your Con Edison online account password and your Con Edison account number handy).
3. Electric Vehicles
Hastings-on-Hudson has partnered with Sustainable Westchester to launch an Electric Vehicle Community Campaign. Through partnerships with car dealerships, platform providers, and other EV industry players, local residents will be able to better understand the ins and outs of owning an electric vehicle, hear from experts on why EVs make the most sense, glean tips from those who’ve gone electric, and learn about the variety of makes and models of available electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are moving from novelty status to mainstream, and now is your chance to catch up! From charging to range to empg, you can learn the jargon and get geared up for your EV purchase. Many new affordable EVs are on the market, and with recent rebates and discounts which we’ll tell you about, it's more possible than ever to find the right EV in your price range.
Our launch event will be held on April 17th as part of the National Drive Electric Earth Day Event at the Hastings Farmer's Market at Zinsser Commuter Lot, 131 Southside Ave from 930 to 11:30 am. Also, tune in to All the Miles without the Cost: The Dos and Don'ts of Buying an Electric Car, April 20, from 4 to 4:45 pm with Jared Walker, of the Electrification Coalition, and Seth Leitman, of Sustainable Westchester. Jared and Seth will explain why EVs make sense today, and why they are the wave of the future.
4. EnergySmart Homes Community Campaign
The Village of Hastings-on-Hudson, and our partner organization Sustainable Westchester, have launched the EnergySmart Homes Community Campaign which is all about promoting the use of energy efficiency technology. We are encouraging residents to do energy efficiency audits and adopt clean heating and cooling technologies (e.g., ground- and air-source heat pump systems and heat pump water heaters), as well as and retrofits to homes and businesses.  
The campaign will help you learn about cleaner ways to heat and cool your home, access vetted energy efficiency experts, and simplified financing. Join us for our launch Earth Month Zoom Webinar Green Building Strategies: Passive House Design & Energy Smart Solutions for Your Home, on April 15, from 7 to 8pm featuring Christina Griffin AIA LEED AP CPHC, Principal of CGA Studio Architects and Ajey Pandey, Distributed energy resources (DER) expert, The Cadmus Group. Learn how net-zero energy homes are designed by following the principles and guidelines of Passive House and Energy Star standards. Christina will present strategies and energy sources used to achieve these standards in the deep energy retrofit of her 1910 home in Hastings. They will discuss energy-efficient technologies, such as heat pumps for heating and cooling, heat pump water heaters, and energy efficiency audits and retrofits, as well as rebates, to make these upgrades more cost-efficient!