Legal / Public Notices

3.4.2019      Proof of Publication - PLLD
3.4.2019      Proof of Publication - PLLG





Hastings-on-Hudson Shoreline Committee RFP: “A Conceptual Design Plan for the Hastings-on-Hudson Shoreline"
Proposed Local Law A of 2016 no parking across from driveway at 35 Floral Drive
Proposed Local Law E Of 2015 Gateway Cluster Overlay District
Proposed Local Law G Of 2015
Proposed Local Law H Of 2015
Proposed Local Law No. F Of 2015 Community Choice Aggregation
Public Hearing To Amend Village Code For A Community Choice Aggregation Program
Public Hearing Regarding Funding For Affordable Housing Project
Public Hearing To Amend Village Zoning Code View Preservation Waiver
Bond Resolutions Dated June 16, 2015
Reconstruction Of The Reynolds Field Playground - $125,000 Bonds
Hastings-on-Hudson Public Hearing To Amend Village Code Street Openings
Hastings-on-Hudson Collection Of Taxes
Proposed Law tax Abatement For Rent-controlled & Rent-regulated Property Seniors
Public Hearing Tue May 19 At 7:30 Pm Tax Abatement For Senior Citzens
Standard Work Day Resolutions For April 2015
Hastings-on-Hudson Elections March 18, 2015
Hastings-on-Hudson Tentative Assessment Roll
Service Contract Lawn Maintenance & Watering For Parks & Street Islands
Village Hastings-on-Hudson Will Receive Sealed Bids (1) Fire Pumper Apparatus