Shoreline Advisory Committee

The Village has received a grant from the New York State DEC Hudson River Estuary Program that will enable it to retain engineering and design consultants to develop a shoreline improvement plan for the BP/ARCO property, Exxon-Mobil and Uhlich properties.

The Shoreline Advisory Committee will build on the work of the Waterfront Infrastructure Committee and the requirements set forth in the revised Consent Decree negotiated with BP/ARCO and the Hudson Riverkeeper, which is currently under review by the Village. The committee will work with a consultant to provide a site plan illustrating the shoreline improvements desired by the Village to the BP engineering team that is completing the remedial design for the BP property. The Uhlich and Exxon-Mobil properties will be considered in the planning process although the Village does not have the ability to implement a plan at those sites. 

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Board Members

Ned Baldwin
Anthony DeVito
John Maggiotto
Jim Metzger
Shannon Rooney
Edward Weinstein
Merrill Wheaton
Meg Walker