Message from the Mayor: Storms Update 11-March-2018

Peter Swiderski
Fellow residents,
Con Ed continues finished remediating the last major outage here in Hasting. As of 12:30, Con Ed was reporting 4 remaining homes in various neighborhoods left unpowered: the Police Department has visited these sites and reports that there is power.  Tentatively, it looks like we may be done.
Storm Update
There are 450 homes still out in the entire county. Con Ed completed the work on Warburton and Pinecrest yesterday and it looks like the rest are fine as well.  If you are still actually out, please call Con Ed at 1-800-752-6633 and drop me an email so we are aware and can follow up as well on your behalf.
Both Optimum and Verizon have outages throughout the Village – there is no consolidated reporting like there is for Con Ed so we have no numbers.  We perceive that Optimum has more outages than Verizon, which seems more sporadic, and will follow up with both vendors tomorrow.  There are Optimum and Verizon trucks on the road in the Village so work is underway.
MacEachron Park took a beating from the storm – several trees down and significant erosion that has left one park bench suspended over the water.  We’ll be assessing what to do there over the next few weeks.
Coyote Update
There have been no further coyote attacks. There was a coyote that was behaving aggressively on southern Nepperhan in Yonkers that was shot yesterday by the Yonkers Police Department. We are keeping the parks closed for the next seven days and continue to trap in Hillside, Quarry and Uniontown. Do not go in the woods until the Village reopens the parks or let your dogs or cats out or off the leash. You put your pets at lethal risk if you do so and the Village cannot be held responsible.  No coyotes were snared this seventh day of the trapping effort.  Vigilance remains the order of the day for the next couple of weeks. Keep your eyes open and report anything amiss with our local wildlife (after you have gotten to safety) to the police (914-478-2344).
The weather coming through Monday night promises potentially 1-3 inches. We will monitor and reflect back if it is of concern. For now we assume it is just snow and not our next Armageddon.
Peter Swiderski