The Youth Advocate Program is a great place to meet up with friends or make new ones. Shoot a game of pool, use the computers, do homework or play video games.  

The program focuses on providing substance use prevention and awareness, anti-bullying and self-esteem. Informational classes are held in the local schools in collaboration with school staff.  The Youth Advocate staff also provides prevention counseling, sessions are held in the lower level of the community center.  If you would like to schedule an appointment for yourself, family member or just obtain additional information please contact JoAnn Reed.

The Youth Advocate program works in conjunction with the Hastings Youth Council to offer supports to families in need such as short-term financial assistance and access to the food pantry.  If you know a family that is in need or are interested in donating, please contact JoAnn or Donny.

Program hours are Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, and Saturday from 12pm-7pm. Program hours are subject to change.

Safe Rides operates September to July. Call 478-2471 for a Safe Ride