The Village Justice, elected to a four-year term, is salaried. The Board of Trustees annually appoints a local attorney as Associate Village Justice to serve in the absence of the Justice

For the purposes of arraignment, hearings, jury and non-jury trials, the Court may be called into session at any time. Court sessions are held in the Court Room on the 2nd floor of the Municipal Building and are open to the public except in proceedings involving youthful offenders which may be conducted in private. The Village Justice administers local justice in civil cases involving amounts up to $3,000. The Village Justice has jurisdiction over traffic violations and minor crimes and offenses punishable by fines and/or imprisonment up to one year. The Court is empowered to hold jury trials if the defendant in a criminal case, or one of the parties to a civil suit, so elects. The Justice also serves as a magistrate holding preliminary hearings for those charged with more serious crimes. The Justice can dismiss the charge, reduce the charge, or hold the defendant for the Grand Jury. In recent years, the County Court has assigned civil cases in which the damage is not expected to exceed $5,000 to the Village Court in order to relieve court calendars at the county level.

The Small Claims Court of the village has jurisdiction over claims up to $3,000, wherein service can be made by mail, provided the defendant resides, is employed, or has a place of business in the Village of Hastings-on-Hudson. The rules of procedure are simplified.