Land Use Approvals Task Force

Powers & Duties:

To provide transparent and simplified procedures for applicants seeking review and approvals from the Building Department and land use boards. This follows the recommendation of the Village’s Comprehensive Plan, page 51, stating, “In order to stimulate the commercial tax base in the Village (reduce the number of empty stores) and to reduce the trepidation of homeowners wishing to improve their properties, we believe it is necessary to re-evaluate the project review process which currently requires a lengthy, costly and potentially confusing path through the Building Department, Planning Board review, Zoning Board of Appeals review and oftentimes requires legal opinion by the Village Attorney.  We should not reduce the review and oversight provided by the Boards and citizen input, but seek to increase the efficiency of the process. This review should begin immediately to stimulate the financial health and diversity of goods and services available within the Village.”

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Christina Griffin
Michael Lewis


Jim Metzger