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Approved Board resolution on barge anchorages

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Coast Guard Ports and Waterways Safety Assessment, PAWSA. November 2017
Over the summer the Coast Guard paused action on the new rule on barge anchorages and announced it would carry out its standard evaluation process for assessing navigation and safety issues on the Hudson. The process is Ports and Waterways Safety Assessment, PAWSA. Interested individuals, organizations and communities were invited to apply to participate in the two-day PAWSA workshops, out of which a formal report will be written that will guide the Coast Guard’s final decision about the additional permanent anchorages.
Participants will include Industry groups, Hudson River organizations and some municipal officials. Village Trustee Daniel Lemons will be one of a few elected municipal officials participating in the PAWSA workshop representing the concerns of communities all along the Hudson from Yonkers to Kingston. Among others representing those communities and the River itself will be Ned Sullivan, Scenic Hudson President, and John Lipscomb, Riverkeeper Patrol Boat Captain. The PAWSA workshops will take place November 7 and 8 in Poughkeepsie, and November 15 and 16 in Albany.
A 35-minute webinar on October 18,2017, by the Coast Guard on PAWSA can be viewed at this link:
Coast Guard information about the PAWSA process:


Legislative initiatives:

On Tuesday, October 24, 2017, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed this legislation that gives the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation added authority to establish exclusion zones for tanker anchorages along certain sections of NY State waterways based on the potential environmental and waterfront impacts of transporting petroleum. A number of Hastings residents have worked tirelessly through NYCD16 to oppose the new barge anchorages and support this legislation. The new law does not pre-empt Federal authority but strengthens the State’s role as one of the entities with jurisdiction over barge traffic. It is an important step forward, but it does not remove the threat of the Coast Guard designating more permanent barge anchorages on the Hudson River.


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