Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 12th is Primary Day

Any resident registered in the Democratic Party can vote in the Primary tomorrow, Tuesday, September 12th.
Registered Democrats can choose between Ken Jenkins or George Latimer to be their candidate in the November election for the County Executive.
Registered members of the Reform Party or those not affiliated with any party can also cast their ballot tomorrow for the Reform Party candidate. The Reform Party has selected George Latimer as their candidate but their bylaws specify that this is put to a vote open to any Reform or unaffiliated voter.  You can endorse Mr. Latimer or write-in your own candidate.
Vote at your usual polling place between 6AM and 9PM as if this was a General Election.  
(The one exception is for those who typically vote at the Andrus Nursing Home, which is currently undergoing some renovation: they should vote at the Community Center.)