Message from the Mayor: Assessment, FNL, and more

Fellow Residents –


A few time-sensitive items I wanted to remind people about:


The Town-wide reassessment notice went out several weeks ago and homeowners have had a chance to evaluate if it represents their property accurately. This reassessment affects the reassessment roll maintained by the Town of Greenburgh and is used to calculate school, county and town taxes (about 80% of your tax bill).  (For historic reasons too ancient for anyone to explain to me, the Village maintains its own assessment roll which was not part of the revaluation and it is the one used for Village taxes.)  Tomorrow is the last day you can set an appointment to have an informal discussion with the firm that ran the reassessment process, Tyler Technologies, if you want to argue your assessment. You should call (800) 273-8605 from 9am-5pm.  


Friday Night Live
Tomorrow, we have the literary-themed Friday Night Live at various venues throughout the Village. (We are not closing the streets.)  Please go here  to see what is available and then choose something of interest and make a night of it. Come downtown, have dinner, hear some poetry or a book reading, and mix with your neighbors and fellow residents. Weather should be clear if brisk.


Deer program ended
The Hastings Immunocontraception deer team is done and gone for this season with a final count of twenty does tagged and inoculated, bringing the grand total up to 48.  The first 28 should be without fawns this year, and these 20 new ones should be without fawns next year.  These sorts of numbers are getting high enough so we should begin to see an impact.  The experiment continues. A full report will be available in a few months and more information is available here


Drains clear
We’ve had the street sweeper vendor come through a fair amount recently, but given the winds we have, leaves get blown around and then washed to the storm drains. Speaking of which. While it is the DPW’s responsibility to keep the storm drains clean, between the rains and the winds, it can be a bit of a sisyphean task. If you are out raking your lawn and you are reasonably proximate to a storm drain, and it is clogged, consider raking it clean as well. Small task. Local flooding and general misery averted.


ESCO letters arriving
You should be getting a letter informing you about your options regarding the cutover to Con Edison Solutions renewable power happening at the end of the month.  We will be publishing out an email dedicated to this in the next week as well.  (Like a number of people in town, I am already signed up with an ESCO and I want to be clear on the steps I need to take to cut over to the new renewable default. We’ll lay it all out in the next couple of days.)


Art Show
Springtime also means the Riverarts Studio Tour, a twenty-three-year institution here in the Rivertowns where our (many) local artists open their studios for local residents to visit, browse (and even buy). It’s coming up Saturday, April 16th and Sunday, April 17th.  Representative art works are hanging in the Municipal Building if you want a sneak preview to see the breadth of what’s available out there.


Other things happening: There’s the Little League parade from the Train Station plaza up to Zinnser at 9AM on Saturday and, finally, the Hastings Flea starts up on Sunday, so despite the brisk weather, there’s opportunities to get out and see your neighbors and continue the emergence from the winter cave.   




Peter Swiderski