Message from the Hastings-on-Hudson Board of Education concerning the February 6, 2020 Capital Reserve Fund Vote.

This email is being sent to the mailing list for informational purposes as it represents an issue of potentially broad interest to the community.


Dear Hastings Community Members,

We are reaching out to you about the results of the February 6, 2020 Capital Reserve Fund Vote.

By a narrow margin, the community authorized the Board of Education to access this money should it become necessary. We have heard the concerns that this close result points to, and want to assure you we are committed to using these funds responsibly. We will continue to look for areas to reduce costs and remain hopeful we will not need to use the full amount approved.

We will maintain communication with you at each stage of the building process and look forward to your continued partnership in ensuring the long term health of our schools and community.

On a related note, several community members have requested we research the possibility of a recount given the narrow margin. We have consulted legal counsel and determined, pursuant to New York State Education Law 2034, that the board cannot electively engage in a recount. Once the vote has been canvassed, determined valid, and announced by the election inspectors it can only be revisited upon order of the New York State Commissioner of Education.


Hastings on Hudson Board of Education