Family University at Hastings High School October 23rd at HHS 5:30 to 9:00 pm


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October 23rd at HHS 5:30 to 9:00 pm

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What is Family U? An evening of presentations by notable speakers held at HHS for all parents and high school students on a variety of topics that promote health and safety. A buffet dinner by Slices is also included. For specific details see our brochure.
Who is giving the keynotes?
For Students: Dr Stephen Dewey: This is Your Brain on Drugs 
As a neuroscientist that studies the effects of addictive drugs on the brain, Dr. Dewey will use actual brain scans to show the damage these substances can have. He is an engaging speaker that has brought his science based and objective message to thousands of students.
For Parents: Dr. Amelia Arria: A Parent’s Role in Promoting Academic Achievement
A researcher and professor at University of Maryland, Dr. Arria will present the latest findings on how health-risk behaviors, such as underage drinking and marijuana use, impede academic success and present practical tips and strategies for parents to use to intervene constructively.
What workshops are available?
Parents can choose from workshops on the risks of vaping, the effect of technology on teens and strategies for developing resiliency in their children.
High school students can choose from topics ranging from managing stress through mindfulness, preventing relationship abuse, time management strategies and learning the risks of vaping through an “Escape the Vape” room.
How do I sign up? Register online at
The event is free and includes a buffet dinner provided by Slices. Although you may walk-in on the night of the event, we strongly encourage preregistration to allow for your first choice of workshop.  If your schedule does not allow you to come to the entire event, feel free to attend the portions you can!
Sponsored by:
Student Assistance Services, Hastings W.A.Y. Coalition, HHS PTSA, SEPTA,
and the Hastings-On-Hudson School District