Organic waste from kitchens accounts for approximately 1/3 of municipal solid waste & it is often the heaviest stuff we throw out (not to mention the stinkiest). Our cubside "garbage" is trucked to Peekskill where it is incinerated in Wheelabrator's waste to energy plant. Instead, you can compost!

Backyard Composting

It does not get more local than backyard composting, the most sustainable, most elegant composting solution. See this example guide to get started. You should not include animal products, oils or compostable plastics in your backyard composting system.

Food Scraps Drop

What: For scraps unsuitable for backyard composting, or if you don't backyard compost, you can bring your scraps to our drop. At the food scrap drop, you can deposit all organic matter: meats, bones, shells, fats and compostable serviceware in addition to fruit and vegetable scraps, dairy products, paper toweling, wooden popsicle sticks, etc. (see comprehensive list below). All plastics must be BPI-certified or ASTM D4600 compostable. 

Where: DPW yard, 12 Southside Avenue click here to see location in Google maps. Food scrap drop

Thanks to Mayor Armacost, DPW Supervisor Mike Gunther and former Village Manager Fran Frobel for making this happen.

When: You can drop off your scraps daily, dawn to dusk. 

Sign up: Please supply an email address to the Conservation Commission by sending an email to [email protected]. By signing up, we will be able to alert you to any changes or disruptions to the program and include your household in our participation rate. Tracking Hastings' participation rate will ensure support for this program. (Your email will not be shared.)

Equipment: Food scrap tote kits and liners are available at Hastings' Parks & Rec office (James Harmon Community Center @44 Main St.), the Greenburgh Nature Center, or at Greenburgh's Parks & Rec office at Anthony F. Veteran Park on the Greenburgh/Ardsley border. The tote kit is a handy system purchased in bulk and sold at cost as a service to the public. However, you can use any containers you like to collect and transport your food scraps and you are not required to bag your scraps in compostable plastic bags. You can drop your scraps directly in the bins.

You can also drop food scraps at Anthony F. Veteran Park 8am-8pm daily (click for location).

Hastings' and Greenburgh's food scraps are carted to the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency in Kingston, NY. 

Accepted Items: ALL food waste, including:

  • Fruits and vegetables (remove stickers, bands, ties)
  • Meat and poultry (bones ok)
  • Fish and shellfish (shells ok)
  • Dairy products
  • Grains: bread, pasta, rice, etc.
  • Eggs, eggshells
  • Snacks, like chips, nuts (shells ok), popcorn, etc. (no packaging)
  • Leftover, spoiled, moldy and expired food (cooked or raw)

Other Items (if in doubt, please ask us!):

  • Coffee grounds (paper filters ok)
  • Paper tea bags (no staples)
  • Paper towels and napkins (no chemicals)
  • Paper plates and cups IF there is no coating (e.g. plain white Dixie plates) or if they are labeled compostable
  • Cut flowers (not landscaping waste)
  • Compostable bags and serviceware (BPI-certified or ASTM D4600 compostable)

Items NOT Accepted
Do not include the following items, as they will contaminate our food scrap program: 

  • No plastic bags
  • No glass, metal or plastic (please remove all staples, labels or ties)
  • No baby or hand wipes
  • No diapers 
  • No pet waste or kitty litter
  • No styrofoam
  • No yard waste (small bits, such as cut flowers, ok)
  • No glossy-coated paper plates
  • No paper coffee cups unless labeled compostable (these have a plastic film liner)
  • Please remove stickers and twisties from produce

Essentially: plant and animal matter ONLY and no pet waste.

What to do with Yard "Waste" & Other Resources

By mulching leaves and grass clippings in place and composting organic waste on your property, you can tread lighter on the earth and save money. Turning yard “waste” into nutrition for your garden or house plants is easy – and satisfying. See below for resources.

Backyard composting resources



Compost Guide

Leaf composting & mulching in place


LELE (Love'Em and Leave 'Em)

LLA (Leave Leaves Alone)

On vermicomposting (worm bins)