Tennis Lessons

Spring '17 Adult Tennis Lesson Program


The Hastings-on-Hudson Recreation Department in conjunction with The Tennis Club of Hastings offers a 10-week instructional tennis program starting February 28.

Youth Program Levels

Red Ball - Child is playing on a 36’ court using the foam/red ball. Player will learn basic movements, drop feeding, and learn to rally as soon as possible. Recommended ages 3 - 6+ years old that have never played tennis.

Orange Ball - Child is getting used to playing on a 60’ court. Rallying and tactical play focused in this class as well as the front court game including serve and volley patterns. This class can be mixed with students who started tennis at a later age. Recommended ages: 7-10 year olds.

Orange Ball 2 - Child has graduated from Orange 1 and wants to get better. They will learn to advance skills on an appropriately sized court for their size and age. The player will work on rallying at least 10 shots with another player. Recommended ages: 7-10 year olds.

Green Ball - Kids who are at this stage and have gone through the previous stages (red & orange) are very developed tennis players at this point. They are using the correct grips on serve, they know their contact ball at whatever ball heights. They are more developed tactically and strategically. They can also begin communicating weaknesses and strengths when speaking about themselves and their opponents.   

Yellow Ball - Child plays on a full 78’ court. Player thinks tennis is fun and wants to play socially with their friends. This is a relaxed environment with structured learning packed in an hour of play. Recommended ages: 9+ year olds.

Yellow Ball 2 - Player currently plays or wants to play on their high school tennis team. Player will continue to development their game and style with structured curriculum focused on making you an overall counterpuncher on the court and smart tennis player.

Adult Program Levels

Beginners - An instructional program for beginners and new players.

Intermediate - Players familiar with basic positions for singles and doubles. Can play games with serve.

Advanced - Integrated players who wish to further develop their skills and refine technique.