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Waterfront, and important Post-Mortem Sandy items
Fellow residents –

A few reminders, and some follow-up issues on Sandy.

First, a reminder:  The Waterfront Infrastructure Committee (WIC) will hold its first public workshop this Wednesday, November 28, 2012, at 7 PM at the James Harmon Community Center.  The purpose of the workshop is to share the Committee's thoughts on the physical layout of the property and brainstorm a program for uses and activities in the public spaces  The Board of Trustees appointed the WIC to assist the Board by coming up with the location and key features of desired parks, roads, and infrastructure.   This meeting is an important part of the Village's planning for the use of the waterfront, especially the public and open spaces. Your participation in this process is crucial, and welcome.  This is no theoretical exercise. What comes this Committee will profoundly affect the layout of future development.

Now onto some post-Sandy issues.

If you have broken telephone poles or hanging wires on or near your property, please send an email to  We want to make sure that Con Ed follows up on the remaining storm debris and want to make sure our list is complete.  Email us your location, and the item in question, whether hanging or fallen wires, broken poles, whatever. (Tree debris is separate - please do not email on that topic).

You will be noticing Con Edison and other maintenance crews around.  Some of the fixes made shortly after the storm were temporary.  Con Edison is back to make more permanent fixes, and you may, as a result, experience brief outages over the course of the next week or two.  Do not be alarmed:  while losing power even briefly is a pain (I’m always shocked at how many clocks require resetting), it’s necessary and should be just a few hours at most.   Other crews will also be around cutting back tree branches near power lines (need we go into why?).  If the cutting requires access to your property, they will be ringing for permission.  If you have limbs hanging in wires near or on your property, please send an email to listing exactly where and what is in the wires. We will try to alert Con Ed to the issue.

We are running a Sandy post-mortem and preparedness session for all interested residents this Saturday morning from 10-12 at the Community Center on Main Street.  The session will have two parts: the first will involve a quick post mortem on the Village reaction to the storm, followed by short presentations by the fire department and others on what citizens should do to be better prepared for the Next One, including what should be a brief and worthwhile presentation on what you should look for in your own home insurance policy to make sure you are adequately covered.  In the second part, we will look to the residents to provide ideas on what we individually and collectively can do to develop resiliency in the face of future storm and other emergency events.   Coffee and donuts will be served.  If you want to know how to be better prepared, or how to help your community be better prepared, come.

And finally, an early heads-up with more to follow: on Saturday, December 8th, we are having an informal afternoon potluck in a community celebration and acknowledgement of thanks to our first responders and volunteers who helped out so crucially during Sandy.  Set some time aside to come down with your family, and join us in thankful celebration.

Hoping this holiday season treats you well – and remember:  shop local!  


Peter Swiderski

Village of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York