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Message from the Mayor: (LAST) STORM RECOVERY EMAIL Evening November 9th
Fellow Residents –

The Louisiana cavalry returned with telephone poles in hand and some seven crews who got to work. By the end of the day, they had repowered all remaining streets and clusters except for Hopke and a few single homes here and there.  We hope that some crews will be back this weekend to finish the job, and with that, this recovery will be behind us, a full twelve days after the storm.  A surreal and harrowing moment for all of us.  (Long Island Power has apparently promised its many tens of thousands still out that they should be back by Thanksgiving:  think about that.)  


  • For those of you whose homes have sustained damage in the storm, now that Westchester was declared a disaster area by President Obama, residents are eligible to apply for disaster aid. The first step is to register either by calling FEMA's registration number 1-800-621-3362; or logging into
  • Senior “are you OK” registry – we want to make sure that the next time around  (and we all know that could come at any point), we have a decent registry of our senior citizens and disabled so we can check up on you and make sure you’re OK.  Either drop by the Community Center and fill in an available form (50 of you have done so far), or send us an email to with Name, Address Telepone (Home and Cell), Email(s), Emergency Contact Name, Emergency Contact Relationship,  and Emergency Contact Number. This could make the difference in a critical situation.
  • Many of you will be cleaning up this weekend. The following are things we can do to aid in the restoration/cleanup task ahead. If you use a landscape service, request they follow these guidelines
  • Rake your lawn and the street in front of the house. Don’t wait for the Village to do it.
  • When stacking branches curbside, if you are bundling them please do so in lengths no greater than four feet and within easy lifting weight for the men.
  • Stack the larger limbs loosely with the “butt” end toward the curb/street and best if slightly in the direction of traffic flow- branch tip or small end towards the home. Do not randomly heave branches into a large bird’s nest.
  • If you have larger logs, and can’t use them for firewood, perhaps placing a pile of firewood sized stock stacked separately from the branch pile may encourage free removal by resident seasonal firewood gatherers.
  • If a neighborhood can make joint piles where they aren’t blocked by cars, this also saves time.
  • When cutting limbs, please flush cut all cutting locations to the main stem of the limb you are cutting. Do not leave a numb or stub of 2-12 inches protruding from the “main” limb.
  • Each time saving effort on our part to help the men will go a long way to cleaning up our community. (Thanks to Tim Downey for the tips.)
  • Power is restored to Main Street five days ago, but the loss of business was real.  Please don’t forget the merchants and restaurants on Main (Slices Pizza and Rainwater Grill), as well as the other stores and restaurants elsewhere in town. This storm was a body blow to us, but especially to the stores in town. Let’s try to make sure it isn’t a fatal one by returning our business to them.  
THIS IS THE LAST RECOVERY EMAIL TO THE WHOLE VILLAGE.  I will continue to send short updates daily to you residents on Hopke and others who are individually out.  We continue to press Con Ed to finish the job.  But now that we are down to the last dark dozen, it is time to call it an end to the village-wide emails.  One more email will follow once the last light is lit, with the appropriate thanks and kudos, as well as next steps I would like to take to reinforce our ability as a community to respond to future crisis.  

Until then, I would like to say that throughout this entire experience, residents were (with almost no exception) patient, kind, respectful, generous and resilient.  What a great place to call home.

Thank you,

Peter Swiderski

Village of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York