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Message from the Mayor: STORM RECOVERY UPDATE Evening November 8th
Fellow Residents –

We dodged a bullet last night with the toned-down nor’easter that came through.  While it dropped a couple of inches of heavy snow and then some limbs, no one lost power (!!) nor took damage, and our DPW was able to clean the roads down to blacktop so students’ hope for a snow day were cruelly dashed.  As if they haven’t had plenty to date already.

It was also the day where it felt like the cavalry arrived.  Nine Con Ed work crews descended early in the day, fully kitted for business, and restored power to Clinton, South Clinton, Stanley, Cochrane, most all of Lefurgy and much of Mt. Hope, while also making some headway on Cliff Street which is arguably the most damaged street in town (no great honor in grabbing that prize).   This crew comes from New Orleans and is well-versed with major disaster recovery, having had their share.  We still have a couple of hundred homes out, but it was nice to see a surge of activity today and clearly we hope (and have applied substantial pressure) to see that it continues.

I will reiterate that if you remain without power, about the only thing Con Ed can say (that I would trust) is that it will be restored.  Believe nothing regarding a specific time that Con Ed might tell you in person or by robocall regarding when the lights come on.   Power will come back at some point soon.   And they have given me today no indication as to when it might, not that I would insult you by passing it on if they had given its reliability to date.


*  We know of pockets of outages on South Drive, Hopke, Burnside, and some homes on Ridgedell and Edmarth.  We also know about Dorchester, Cliff, Overlook, Lincoln and Southgate.  If you are not on these streets and are in the dark, PLEASE immediately email your anme and address (or have someone who can do so) to   Con Edison has asked us to compare what we know against their lists of single homes out to make sure they aren’t missing someone.  If you are on one of the streets mentioned above but are surrounded by homes fully lit, also email us your address to the email above so we can confirm you still exist on Con Ed’s outage list. That’s, not my or any other email.

* Senior “are you OK” registry – while we believe we have visited every dark residence and ensured no one slipped through the cracks,  we want to make sure that the next time around  (and we all know that could come at any point), we have a decent registry of our senior citizens and disabled so we can check up on you and make sure you’re OK.  Either drop by the Community Center and fill in an available form (50 of you have done so far), or send us an email to with Name, Address Telepone (Home and Cell), Email(s), Emergency Contact Name, Emergency Contact Relationship,  and Emergency Contact Number. This could make the difference in a critical situation.

* Power is restored to Main Street five days ago, but the loss of business was real.  Please don’t forget the merchants and restaurants on Main (Slices Pizza and Rainwater Grill), as well as the other stores and restaurants elsewhere in town. This storm was a body blow to us, but especially to the stores in town. Let’s try to make sure it isn’t a fatal one by returning our business to them.  

* Please DO NOT call the police with an expectation for updates on power.  Nobody knows anything. Especially Con Ed.

*  There will be time for full thanks to the many every day saints that emerged over the last eleven days, but we have not adequately shouted out in gratitude to Betsy Biddle and the Andrus on Hudson long-term care community for opening their door to us and hosting many residents (fourteen rooms were occupied at the peak) during this crisis.  They took our cold and displaced in, out of the goodness of their hearts. Where does one begin to thank?  

These emails are posted upon issuance at the Community Center, at the Municipal Building, and library. The next update will be tomorrow NIGHT at 8PM. You should be aware that AOL rejects our emails before they even get to you (or your spam folder) so unless you sign up with another non-AOL email address, you are cut off. You can also call 478-2511 to hear these emails read in full within an hour of posting.

The offer remains open for beds (over 100!) in warm rooms in houses of your neighbors who want to help. Call 478-2344 and you will be warm shortly thereafter.  

We continue to work closely with Con Ed to try to facilitate what is a very difficult and lengthy process along. And we will continue to report until the very last one of you are restored.

Thank you for your perseverance and patience.  It has been remarkable.


Peter Swiderski

Village of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York