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Message from the Mayor: STORM RECOVERY UPDATE Evening November 4th

Fellow Residents -

Upwards of ten crews labored on the Mt. Hope hilltop (also known as Hudson Heights to some), looking to restore power to Hillside Elementary.  This looks like it will happen tonight at 7PM and with this, all children will be in school tomorrow.

The Fire Department fanned out and knocked on the doors of most de-powered homes and found everyone is safe and being checked on by neighbors and friends.  There are still hundreds without power – and it may take many days more before every pocket of outage is covered.

Today was also marked by a number of acts of real goodness.  A group of 22 residents, mostly youth, did a morning run with breakfast to the hard-hit homeless. Multiple efforts (run independently by the Fire Department, Temple Beth Shalom, Project Share and St. Matt’s) collected several truck-loads of supplies and clothing that will be delivered to Staten Island tomorrow and Tuesday.  It was inspirational to see the outpouring of support as car after car pulled up to these places and people disgorged clothing and water and canned goods.

Onto the day’s updates:

*  Ten restoration crews focused on the hard-hit Hudson Heights area, intent on lighting up Hillside Elementary. This should happen at 7PM and with it, we expect Edgewood, Sunset and Lefurgy to be lit as well.  The full ten crews will be back tomorrow focusing on Lincoln, Southgate, Kent, Cliff, Fairmont and Glenn Place.

*  Given that the schools will be open tomorrow but a number of students may continue to have power issues at home, the High School will be keeping its library open until 8 or 9PM at night for those who need internet access and a warm, well-lit place to study.  The Community Center and Court Room, both with wifi, will be open as well until at least 7PM.

*  Note for those parents who rely on buses: a number of streets may not be passable to buses because of either outright blockages or (more common) low-hanging wires.  Those on Dorchester, Fairmont, Clinton, Cliff, Cochrane, and Harvard are most likely affected.  This is likely to leave the bus routes tomorrow somewhat messed. The school district may speak to this in their own emailing on this subject, but you had probably better wrap your mind around alternate ways of getting the little ones to the school doors.

*  I’m sure you’ve reported your outage here: or  call 800-752-6633.  Con Ed is still saying that it may take says this may take until November 10th. I believe them and so should you, especially if you are in an isolated pocket of one or few homes (like we are on my street).

*  Equalize Fitness at One Odell Plaza just south of the Village on Broadway continues to offer free hot showers to anyone who needs it at the gym facility.

*  Please DO NOT call the police with an expectation for updates on power, etc.

*  If you want to charge your phone, you can go to the courtroom at the Municipal Building.  We have free wifi internet service (hotspot = “3COM” or "FREEJHCC).  The library is open and has wifi. The Community Center is also open to 7PM for warming, games, phone-charging, and free wifi.

*   VOTING:  All the regular polling stations will be open for voting this Tuesday.  Absentee ballots returned by mail still must be postmarked by tomorrow, Monday, November 5, but have until Nov. 19 to reach the Board of Elections.

These emails will be posted within an hour of issuance at the Community Center on the door, at the Municipal Building, and on the front of library. The next update will be tomorrow NIGHT at 8PM, as I return to my day job tomorrow.  We are now down to powering up the remaining 20% and daily updates should suffice.  YOU CAN ALSO CALL 478-2511 to hear these emails read in full within an hour of posting.

For those left in homes still un-powered, if its sub-55, don’t be a hero and stick it out.  There are beds (over 100!) in warm rooms in houses of your neighbors who want to help. Call 478-2344 and you will be warm shortly thereafter.

Every day, I have been increasingly impressed by the scale of outpouring of generosity, the degree of resiliency, and the patience of residents.
This crisis may be cold and unpleasant, but it has done something very warm for many of us.  We are better for it.


Peter Swiderski

Village of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York