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Message from the Mayor: STORM RECOVERY UPDATE evening November 2
Fellow Residents -

Things continue apace and are picking up.  The crews are finished depowering, a critical situation with the Water Tower on Summit Street was addressed, and several more dozen homes were activated. The crews’ full-time attention can turn to restoration tomorrow and we can expect to see the biggest numbers of people restored over the next few days.  I will try to get information on what FEMA may cover (if anything) in the next few days.  Meanwhile, take photos of your own damage.

The specifics:

*  Power was restored to the water tower that pressurizes much of Hastings. You don’t really want to think about losing that.  Jeesum pete.
With the restoration of power to the water tower, we also finished restoring power to Brandt, Summit and Cedar.  Except for a few pockets,
the High Street, Shado-Lawn, Kent and Crossbar neighborhoods are done.   I believe that only Dorchester is blocked by trees. Please correct me if I
am wrong.   We are aware that the following streets remain closed due to downed lines or hazmat situations including Cliff and Kent/Fairmont.  
Right now, 922 homes are without power.

*  Con Ed is responsible for getting the wire to your house. That standpipe (the steel tube that leads down to the meter) is your problem, and if a limb pulled it away from the house, you will need to get an electrician to get it fixed.

*  The Hazmat team did not make it here this afternoon to address the downed (and leaking) transformers at Clinton, Kent and Cliff Streets, as well as one newly reported on Hopke.  They won’t stop restoration work from proceeding.

*  PLEASE report your outage here: or  call 800-752-6633.  Con Ed says this may take until November 10th (yes, as long as nine days).
Clearly, homes are being turned on now, but if you are at the end of a series of downed lines or in a small pocket… it may take the full nine days.

*  You should assume that all DOWNED LINES REMAIN POWERED AND LETHAL IF TOUCHED, even if listed on a street described as “de-powered”.

*  It’s going to get even colder tonight (34 degrees).  Andrus has a limited number of available beds: please contact the police at 478-2344 if you need shelter.  (DO NOT CALL Andrus directly.)  This is getting dangerously cold and you should not be a hero if your house does not hold warmth well.  Please call, especially if you are elderly or infirm.
PLEASE PLEASE check on neighbors who are shut-ins.  Nobody should slip through the cracks. We will find warm beds for all who ask.

*  If you do not have hot water, Equalize Fitness at One Odell Plaza just south of the Village on Broadway is offering free hot showers to anyone who needs it at the gym facility.

*  Please DO NOT call the police with an expectation for updates on power, etc. They don't know. ONLY call with true emergencies, 478-2344.

*  Gasoline supplies remain a major headache but this is likely to change in the coming days. (Valero’s re-opened and quickly ran out.)  We are told it will take a day or two to improve. Conserve what you have and spare yourself a long wait.

*  If you want to charge your phone, please feel free to go to the courtroom at the Municipal Building and we will accommodate you as best we can.  We have free wifi internet service (hotspot = “3COM” or "FREEJHCC).
The library is open but without reliable wifi.  The High School library is open tomorrow as well.  The Station Café is open and has working wifi as well.

*  The gym at the High School is open tomorrow if a game of pick-up basketball suits you.

*  The Farmer’s Market is still on.

*  We are having a small Friday Night Live this Friday RIGHT NOW based on street art, with an opening at the Municipal Building of a show originally featured at the Hastings residents-run Blue Door Gallery in Yonkers, as well as projection around town of street art.  Streets will NOT be closed.
Come on up to the Muni building and take a look at the exhibit and say hello to the artists, 6PM-9PM.

*   VOTING:  We expect and hope that all the regular polling stations will be open.  If any need to be moved, you will be notified in advance.  You do NOT have to vote absentee unless you plan to be out of town. The deadline to postmark an application to receive an absentee ballot has been extended to Nov. 2, today.  Ballots returned by mail still must be postmarked by Monday, November 5, but have until Nov. 19 to reach the Board of Elections. Applications can be downloaded on the WestchesterCounty Board of Elections Web site:   Hard
copies are available at Village Hall and the Hastings Public Library. Voters may go to the Board of Elections and cast an absentee ballot in person up to Monday, November 5.  The Westchester County Board of Elections is at 25 Quarropas Street, White Plains, NY 10601.  Telephone: 914-995-5700.

*  The Saturday DPW garbage drop off on Southside will be open if you’re cleaning out the refrigerator.

*  If you’re using a lawn service to clean debris, or tree services to remove the big stuff, or carpenters, etc to fix flattened fences or any other professionals, please drop me ( a line with their name, specialty, and contact number.

*  FELLOWSHIP:   Several of our religious institutions are hosting the community this weekend  - this is interdenominational and anyone is invite anywhere. Saturday, from 1:30 to 4:30, Temple Beth Shalom is hosting the community for refreshments, recharging, etc.
Sunday, from 11 to 1, Grace Epsicopal is hosting bagels and coffee.   From 1:30 to 4:30, Temple Beth Shalom is again hosting the community. And the Unitarian Church on Sunday is hosting a potluck supper from 4pm onwards. If you can’t bring something, don’t.  They’ll take care of you.

These emails will be posted within an hour of issuance at the Community Center on the door, on the bulletin board on the wall at the Municipal Building, and on the front of library. The next update will follow tomorrow at noon.  Please print these out and circulate with those who are entirely out of communications.  YOU CAN ALSO CALL 478-2511 to hear these emails in full within an hour of posting.

It is getting better. It just doesn’t feel that way if you’re not powered yet. Remember that it is darkest before the dawn. Or is it coldest? I’m pretty sure it’s both, right now.

We're not going to talk about the Nor'easter coming mid-next week. Not today.


Peter Swiderski

Village of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York