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Message from the Mayor: STORM RECOVERY evening November 1
Fellow Residents -

Evening update on the recovery process.

Priority remains on de-powering so trees can be cut, and then re-powering schools and polling centers ahead of Tuesday’s election, followed by residences.  We had considerable activity today in both de-powering and opening streets.

A number of updates:

*  Con Edison crews finished de-powering Lincoln, Brandt, Cedar, Harvard, Croton, and Cochrane today and all of those streets should also be cleared of fallen limbs by now. Kent and Stratford were also de-powered but not yet fully cleared.  A specialized crew continues to remove the big tree on Clinton (which is sitting astride feeder lines for much of the eastern village) and should be done tomorrow.  That crew will then move onto the other big logs flung about on some of our streets.  A Hazmat team did not make it here this afternoon to address the downed (and leaking) transformers at Clinton, Kent and Cliff Streets.  Transformer oil is apparently infused with toxic substances like PCBs and requires specialized removal teams once they are breached.

*  We are aware that the following streets remain closed due to downed limbs, trees, lines or hazmat situations including Farlane, Dorchester, Zinsser Field parking lot, Cliff and Kent/Fairmont.

*  With these handful of streets left tomorrow to de-power and clear, we can move to re-powering.  Con Ed currently has 2,180 residences registered as out of power out of about 3,100. PLEASE report your outage here:  Con Ed says this may take until November 10th (yes, as long as nine days).

*  You should assume that all DOWNED LINES REMAIN POWERED AND LETHAL IF TOUCHED, even if listed on a street described as “de-powered”. Respect the yellow tape and steer clear of anything hanging.

*  It’s going to be getting colder tonight (42 degrees).  Andrus has a limited number of available beds: please contact the police at 478-2344 if you need shelter.  (DO NOT CALL Andrus directly.)  We would rather have you warm than stiff in bed.  Please call, especially if you are elderly or infirm.  If your house is getting uncomfortably cold at night (defined as "sweaters aren't enough"), PLEASE consider alternate housing arrangements such as friends, hotels or Andrus.

*  If you do not have hot water, Equalize Fitness at One Odell Plaza just south of the Village on Broadway is offering free hot showers to anyone who needs it at the gym facility.

*  Please DO NOT call the police with an expectation for updates on power, etc. They don't know. ONLY call with true emergencies, 478-2344.

*  Gasoline supplies have become the next major headache.  The few open stations have reported very long lines (2 hours and up) and dwindling supplies everywhere nearby.  Use your car sparingly.

*  If you want to charge your phone, please feel free to go to the courtroom at the Municipal Building and we will accommodate you as best we can.  We have free wifi internet service (hotspot = “3COM” or "FREEJHCC) though tomorrow we have a trial in the Court Room from 11AM to mid-afternoon.  The library is open but without reliable wifi.  The High School library is open tomorrow AND Saturday from 8 to 3.  RSA Computer at
630 Saw Mill River Road in Ardsley is open, has power and free wifi internet access.  The Station Café is open and has working wifi as well.

*  We will have a small Friday Night Live this Friday based on street art, with an opening at the Municipal Building of a show originally featured at the Hastings residents-run Blue Door Gallery in Yonkers, as well as projection around town of street art.
Streets will NOT be closed.  Come on up to the Muni building and take a look at the exhibit and say hello to the artists, 6PM-9PM.

*   VOTING: The deadline to postmark an application to receive an absentee ballot has been extended to Nov. 2, tomorrow.  Ballots returned by mail still must be postmarked by Monday, November 5, but have until Nov. 19 to reach the Board of Elections. Applications can be downloaded on the Westchester County Board of Elections Web site:   Hard copies are available at Village Hall and the Hastings Public Library.  Voters may go to the Board of Elections and cast an absentee ballot in person up to Monday, November 5.  The Westchester County Board of Elections is at 25 Quarropas Street, White Plains, NY 10601.  Telephone:  914-995-5700.

*  Regular recycling pick-up is underway: the Saturday DPW garbage drop off on Southside will be open if you’re cleaning out the refrigerator.

*  If you’re using a lawn service to clean debris, or tree services to remove the big stuff, or carpenters, etc to fix flattened fences or any other professionals, please drop me ( a line with their name, specialty, and contact number.  I will publish out whatever I get.

*  Several of our houses of worship will have opportunities for community fellowship this weekend. I will publish that out tomorrow.  CCD at St.
Matthews this weekend is cancelled.

These emails will be posted within an hour of issuance at the Community Center on the door, on the bulletin board on the wall at the Municipal Building, and on the front of library. The next update will follow tonight.  Please print these out and circulate with those who are entirely out of communications.  YOU CAN ALSO CALL 478-2511 to hear these emails in full within an hour of posting.

The patience, fortitude and graciousness of our police, DPW and fire department volunteers during these trying times have been remarkable and humbling.  I simply report out what is going on – these men and women are actually doing all the figurative and literal heavy lifting.  Thank you.
I also have to note that residents have shown great patience and resilience through this difficult time.  Keep an eye on each other and faith that things will get better soon… though perhaps not as fast as any of us would like.


Peter Swiderski

Village of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York