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Message from the Mayor: STORM RECOVERY EFFORTS Evening 10/31
Fellow Residents -

End of day update on this recovery process.

I will tell you, starting out, that today was a difficult day.  Progress is slow, but steady. For me, however, the low point was the extremely sobering visits to damaged homes. Suffice to say that there is a cloud of Providence over this village that must be protecting us:  given the damage delivered to some homes, all of which were occupied at the time, and that nobody was injured. Just when I am considering feeling sorry for myself reading a book by a lantern, I just have to remember how lucky we all are.
With that, the evening update:

*  The Con Edison crews did less then we had hoped.  They depowered Overlook, Clinton, Lefurgy, Dorchester, Jefferson, Cliff, and Lincoln.
They return tomorrow to hopefully finish a long list of remaining streets.
You should assume that all DOWNED LINES REMAIN POWERED AND LETHAL IF TOUCHED, even if listed on a street described as “depowered”. Respect the yellow tape and steer clear of anything hanging.

*  While I am pleased to report that perhaps two dozen homes had their power restored (on Overlook and Lincoln), that was more a happenstance than deliberate effort. Three-quarters of the Village remains without power.  The three Con Ed crews will be here tomorrow at 8AM, focused exclusively on de-powering the live downed lines.  This is the necessary first step before we can begin removing the (in some cases huge) trees down in the wires, all of which has to happen before new wires are slung and power restored.  It doesn’t look like power will be restored in earnest until this weekend, if that early. Con Edison is not committing to a time-frame at this point. Assume a week and plan accordingly.  PLEASE report your outage here:
The more that do so, the merrier.  Seriously. Even if you called it in, log on and do so again.

*  We are aware of the following streets closed due to downed limbs or trees, including Farlane, Wilson Place, Harvard, Kent, Cochrane, Horner, Lincoln, Overlook, Dorchester, Clinton, Croton, Stratford Lane and Zinsser Field parking lot, Cedar, Brandt, and Fairmont. We opened Broadway from Villard to Main, Hopke, Jefferson, Lefurgy Terrace, Hillside School and most of Overlook today.

*  Halloween was sedate but lovely.  There was something very good for the soul to see little Captain Americas, princesses, zombies and vampires wandering around.

*  It’s going to be getting colder, especially tomorrow night.  Andrus has a limited number of available beds: please contact the police at 478-2344 if you need shelter.  We would rather have you warm than stiff in bed.
Please call.  If your house is getting uncomfortably cold at night (defined as "sweaters aren't enough"), then consider alternate housing arrangements such as friends, hotels or Andrus.

*  If you do not have hot water, local resident Anthony Tarricone, who owns Equalize Fitness at One Odell Plaza just south of the Village on Broadway is offering free hot showers to anyone who needs it at the gym facility.  Just drop by.  Thank you so much, Anthony!

*  Please DO NOT call the police with an expectation for updates on power, etc. They don't know. ONLY call with true emergencies, 478-2344.

*  A&P is now OPEN, though not fully stocked. Stores on Warburton are open and with power, including Prime Meats and Food for Thought,the organic food store on Spring St. Stop and Shop in Dobbs Ferry is open as well 7AM to 11PM. The nearest gas is available at Odell and Nepperhan.
Harvest-on-Hudson (much to my surprise, given the view down River Street on Monday night), is open and thriving (for dinner AND lunch). As is Buffet de la Gare, Maud’s, The Center Diner and others.

*  If you want to charge your phone, please feel free to go to the courtroom at the Municipal Building and we will accommodate you as best we can.  We have spotty but free wifi internet service (hotspot = “3COM”).
The library is open but without reliable wifi.  The High School library is also open today from 8 to 3 and apparently has working wifi.  RSA Computer at 630 Saw Mill River Road in Ardsley is open, has power and free wifi internet access.

*  Finally, we will have a Friday Night Live this Friday - even our conservative Chief of Police agrees that the diversion is likely to be welcome.  Details will follow.

These emails will be posted within an hour of issuance at the Community Center on the door, on the bulletin board on the wall at the Municipal Building, and on the front of library. I hope to issue one at noon and at 8PM  tomorrow and then daily afterwards.  Please print these out and circulate with those who are entirely out of communications.  YOU CAN ALSO CALL 478-2511 and out erstwhile Technology director, Raf Zaratzian reads these emails in full within an hour of posting.

Remember: patience, a sense of humor and resiliency, and generosity.
Grace under pressure is the most valued grace of all.


Peter Swiderski

Village of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York