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Message from the Mayor: IMPORTANT STORM UPDATE 10:30PM 10-29-2012
Fellow Residents:

This will be one for our collective history books.  

Probably three quarters of the village is out of power, with no real ability to confirm since the Con Ed website is spotty. We've had seven or eight homes damaged by falling trees and limbs, as well as a several cars.   Thankfully (and it really is all that matters), no one has been hurt.  Power cables are down all over the place, as are tree limbs. It will take until the morning before we have a full inventory.

Broadway is shut, as are any number of side streets.  River Street IS the river now, but the tracks have not been breached and Southside Avenue is safe. There are pockets of power throughout the village, but if you're dark, you're in good company (that would include my family - we went dark at nine).

Hard to say when power will be restored.  Certainly, you should assume it is a couple of days at least.  School is out tomorrow, obviously, and (no surprise) there will be no garbage pickup.  If you have kiddies of the age of Halloweening, you may want to begin to prep them that plans may need to remain flexible.  

It will take a few days to clear what needs to be cleared. Please, tomorrow, keep off the roads. Fallen wires are LIVE WIRES and will kill you (or your pet) upon contact.  This is not the time to go exploring.   Please refrain from calling the police for updates. We will be both emailing out and posting updates physically at locations to be identified tomorrow.  

Rest assured that the Village, working closely with Con Ed, will be working to restore normality. We've ben through several large storm events now over the last three years, so we've gotten pretty good at this.  Patience. Humor. And generosity will win the day.  If you've got power, put that spare bedroom to use with friends and family, as well as refrigerator space and warm showers. We'll all be fine soon enough.

More to follow tomorrow. The worst is behind us.

Peter Swiderski
914 755 0014   

Village of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York