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Hastings Mayor's Message - 09/23/09 - Fall Message


Dear Village Resident;
The Village is not immune to the financial stress adversely impacting municipalities throughout the country. We are carefully monitoring the revenues relied upon to fund governmental operations. In particular we rely heavily on the sales and mortgage tax to provide the necessary money to balance the budget. Toward ensuring that at years end our budget is in balance, adjustments may have to be made to the expenditures accordingly. While it is still early-on in the fiscal year there are some emerging trends which we need to be watchful.
Staff is pursuing several grant funded opportunities to seek out ways to reduce energy consumption. Most recently the Board of Trustees authorized application to conduct an energy conservation study. This report, if funded, will evaluate a host of opportunities intended to reduce the carbon footprint and energy consumption. In particular the  study will explore the advisability of changing over the 725 streetlights to perhaps LED lighting;  opportunities for placement of solar panels; the use of geothermal technology to provide  heat to the Village Hall/ Library complex; conversion to  more energy-efficient municipal vehicles; and feasibility of funding a shared position of energy code enforcement personnel.
Toward the goal of energy conservation we recently installed two LED lights at the entrance way to the Village Hall. We urge you to provide feedback concerning these low-energy fixtures. We believe there will be a substantial energy-saving dividend by converting from high-pressure sodium and mercury vapor lights throughout the Village.
Efforts have been commenced to address the Village code relative to building construction to require green building standards. The Board of Trustees, Planning Board and staff are working together to seek out modification to the local codes intended to encourage green building practices. Staff is also reviewing methods which we can demonstrate ways in which we can improve the amount of recyclables. Toward that effort we will produce a series of public information videos outlining methods homeowners and businesses can reduce the amount of trash and increase the amount of recyclables. Our focus thus far has been to explore how to reduce the amount of yard waste collected and how homeowners can reduce the amount of grass clippings and leaves the Village picks up and dispose. We also will be developing printed informational materials on methods in which we can recycle more. Staff is also considering recommending the” pay as you throw “concept. Under this program homeowners and businesses would purchase prepaid trash bags to be picked up by the Department of Public Works. The program is intended to encourage a maximum recycling effort….because recyclables will be removed at no charge, and consequently  the program offers a real financial incentive to recycle more.
We would like your feedback on these policy recommendations currently under consideration and hope that you will be supportive of these initiatives intended to improve the living environment for all Village residents and to reduce the cost of providing local government services.
Very truly yours,
Francis A. Frobel
Village Manager

Village of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York