At the Board of Trustees meeting on November 20, 2001, the following Resolution was passed unanimously:

WHEREAS,     the September 11, 2001 attack on America has demonstrated that new forms of terrorism threaten the lives of Americans, and the economy, property and natural resources on which they depend, and

WHEREAS,     terrorists have made numerous credible threats to focus future attacks on America's infrastructure, including our nation's nuclear power plants, and

WHEREAS,     of the nation's nuclear power fleet, Indian Point's plant is an especially inviting target given its proximity to the greater New York metropolitan area—home to 20 million people and the world's financial centers, and

WHEREAS,     the complex and interconnected system of nuclear reactors, spent fuel storage structures, control rooms, and electrical switching equipment provides multiple target opportunities which could cause a catastrophic radiological event, and

WHEREAS,     the risks of such an event could be substantially reduced in the near term by immediately implementing a series of prudent measures, and

WHEREAS,     a temporary but immediate shut-down of Indian Point, taken in concert with other safety measures described below, would substantially reduce the risks and consequences of an attack or accident, and

WHEREAS,     only a full shutdown of the plant's reactors will provide the incentives necessary to compel the operator and the NRC to conduct a thorough and credible review and institute the necessary security and safety measures to justify the plant's reopening, and

WHEREAS,     the Hastings-on-Hudson Emergency Response Team has unanimously recommended adoption of this resolution and the safety measures described, and the Conservation Commission also has concurred, now therefore be it

RESOLVED:     by the Mayor and Board of Trustees that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, in consultation with appropriate state and county agencies and officials, take the following actions:

                1. Order an immediate shutdown of Indian Point's Unit Two and Unit Three reactors;

                2. Convene an independent panel to review the facility's vulnerabilities, security measures and evacuation plans, and make recommendations on how best to minimize the facility's risk to surrounding communities;

                3. Mandate, at minimum, immediate deployment of the following security measures:

                    a. obtainment of a permanent no-fly zone, for both private and commercial aircraft, from the Federal Aviation Administration in the air space within 10 nautical miles of the Indian Point facility;

                    b. a defense and security system sufficient to protect and defend the no-fly zone;

                    c. a defense and security system sufficient to protect the entire facility, including the containment and spent fuel storage buildings, control room and electrical equipment and transmission lines, from a land or water based terrorist attack.

                4. Order the immediate review and comprehensive revision of licensee's Emergency Response Plan and Westchester County's Radiological Emergency Response Plan in order to account and prepare for possible terrorist attacks.

                5. If, after conducting the above-mentioned review, the NRC cannot sufficiently ensure the security of the Indian Point facility against terrorist threats, and therefore the safety and security of surrounding communities, the NRC must take prompt action to permanently retire the facility and explore the expeditious transition to a non-nuclear alternative for the Indian Point site.

                6. Separate and apart from the above, in order to significantly reduce the long-term risk associated with potential radiological fire, order the Indian Point operator to undertake the immediate conversion of the current spent fuel storage technology from a water cooled system to a dry cask system in a bunkered structure, and be it further

RESOLVED:    that copies of this resolution be forwarded to President Bush, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Senator Schumer, Senator Clinton, Governor Pataki, Senator Spano, Assemblyman Brodsky, County Executive Spano, Legislator Abinanti, and the Hudson Riverkeeper.