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Message from the Mayor: Election, Bridge, Blood, Bond, DPW study, Hunger, "Dirt"
Fellow residents -

Finally, spring-like weather. For today. At least. The next two weeks have much going on, and I wanted to flag some of it for your attention.

Election Day (Tuesday March 18th)
This Tuesday is Election Day, and, while uncontested, Trustees Armacost and Apel are running and deserve your support,  Apathy is the enemy of democracy, and it can always lead to an unpleasant result if an unanticipated write-in vote upends the apple cart. So make sure you express your support by showing up at the Community Center to vote on Tuesday, starting at 7AM.

Bridge work (March 18th as well)
The official kick-off of the renovation of Warburton Avenue bridge (that one just south of the downtown) begins Wednesday. There will be some site review and planning, but the cones will be out by May and parking will disappear and unpleasantness will ensue and, well, we'll do our best, but it is just not going to be any fun for like 24 months. We will be publishing out information (here) and maps of alternate parking spaces (not enough to replace those lost): the commuter lot will lose places right below the bridge, and the bridge itself will lose places, and its just going to be bad. An email specifically about this will follow next week. It's something we just have to wend our way through. (Yes, we really need to get to the renovation, apparently pretty much right now.)

Dueling Blood Drives (Wednesday, March 19 and March 24)
Just kidding: they’re not really dueling. But you should make one of them. The High School Student Union is hosting a blood drive this Wednesday from 12 to 6 at the Cochran Gym. And if you miss that one, you should make the one sponsored by the PBA on March 24th at the Library from 1:30 to 7:30.

Bond Vote (Wednesday, March 26)
Round two of the School Bond Vote is on Wednesday, March 26th at the Cochran gym. The school website has information about it.

DPW study (Thursday, March 27)
Our first public meeting on the DPW consolidation study is on Thursday, March 27th at 7:30 at the Community Center. Laberge and company, our consulting firm, will present on the  process around this study, which will unfold over the next few months.  The survey describing public opinion on this is here, and the documents around this project will generally be posted here.

Hungry (always)
Finally, a plea: in the midst of plenty, of apparent affluence, more than a few people in the immediate vicinity worry about where their next meal will come from. We have several ways you can help, right now, and I hope you will do so:

Family-to-Family runs a number of astonishingly effective and personal programs that benefit actual families directly. They are starting a new project to help the local hungry, The Door Knob Dinner Project, which will engage local families (called Door Knob Dinner Donors) in an effort to provide groceries for 1 dinner meal each month for a family of 5. Donors will shop for a specific meal each month and then hang their groceries on the door knob to be collected by neighborhood coordinators. If you're interested in participating, email and if you donate today your funds will be matched by a foundation challenge grant. 

Our own village Food Pantry has run low on the supplies it relies on to supply local residents with food packages to get through tough times.  When at the A&P, buy for yourself - and a neighbor - and then drop off those goods between 9 and 7 Monday through Friday and 12-7 on Saturday at the Community Center, downstairs.  They need tuna fish, peanut butter, canned or dried beans, rice, pasta, pasta sauce, boxed macaroni and cheese dinners, breakfast cereals and toiletry items such as; toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste and soap. Please, help, often. Because you can.

"Dirt" (now)
“Dirt” is actually a polite way of putting what is coming to light as the snow fades away and those of you who thought that dog feces left in the snow will magically disappear when it melts discover otherwise. News flash:  poo doesn’t melt. You know who you are, and you’re left with the pleasure of retroactive clean-up.  Please do so. It’s disgusting, to put it mildly. And then there are the seemingly endless bits of litter that are filtering out of the snow melt. If you do walk your dog (or walk, period) and you take a bag out with you, take two – and pick up one or two of those pieces of litter that seem to be everywhere.  If every walker did that once or twice, the streets would be pristine.  Right now, well, its depressing.

Much is afoot (in addition to our skittish deer) and I appreciate your attention.


Peter Swiderski

Village of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York