Message from the Mayor: final request for help on deer
Fellow residents -

An email will shortly follow on a host of other issues before the village. But, for now, a focused request for assistance on the deer project. A sage once said that the best battle plans go out the window when the first shot is fired. That has certainly been our experience so far as we climb the (painful) learning curve of the deer immunocontraception project. Our team reports that it would appear that we have at least a hundred and possibly quite a bit more deer in town - probably not a surprise to many of you - but they are a skittish and undependable lot. Sure, you have five on your lawn every morning (yes, I know), they're just not there when the team shows up and they move on quickly when observed and run (really) far when darted.  

So, we are going to shift strategy one last time before the darting season expires on us on March 30th. We need to get past the problem of deer wandering off a property where we have obtained permission to dart and onto property where we haven't. We're going to focus where the team has observed the most deer, around Hillside Woods, in the Mt. Hope and Villard neighborhoods. If you live east (away from the river) of South Calumet/Calumet/Buena Vista or north of Mt. Hope (towards Dobbs Ferry), please send an email (right now) to  and give us your name, your address, your phone number, when you typically see deer on your property (morning, afternoon, or evening) and that you give permission to dart deer on your property. We will put together a map of the area where permissions have been granted so our team has the greatest latittude to do what they are trying to do - tag us some deer. All safety precautions will be followed, of course (and that is part of the problem: the darters want to be within ten yards to ensure a good hit on the deer's flank).  

Please, help out if you live in that area. And tell your neighbors to do so too. We want to put these maps together in the following week.  


Peter Swiderski